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Navigating Tough Business Times

Mar 27, 2020

In stressful times like the current COVID-19 challenge we are all dealing with, I wanted to write about some of the things we can do with our practices. Some of these ideas come from Tom Peters, the famous management consultant. Here is my list.

Go to work earlier and stay later. You can work on your practice rather than in your practice. You may not have as many patients as normal, so work on your systems. That way, when things become closer to normal again, you are ready to explode your practice. Evaluate your marketing plan, staff members and how you train/develop them, EHR and treatment equipment, practice growth capacity blocks, clinical skills, patient management skills, office culture, and your vision of your practice going forward. We have been doing office strategic planning with Aileron (Aileron.org) for the past year and have re-evaluated EVERYTHING in our office. It is actually a fun and productive exercise and has been great for our office in so many areas.

Dig deep to...

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Exam Is Key

Dec 31, 2019

Many in the modern manual therapy world emphasize the need for a patient examination that pinpoints the best treatment approach.  Craig Liebenson, D.C., for example, in his Spinal Rehabilitation, 2nd edition, textbook places importance on patient categorization for condition specific treatment, hence better clinical outcomes. A study titled "Sub-grouping Patients with Low Back Pain:  A Treatment Based Approach to Classification," August 23, 2011, in the online version of Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach was discussed in The Chiropractic Report, from November 2011.

This study was about categorizing low back patients, although we suggest this concept can apply to other areas as well.  In your exam of a patient with low back pain, would they respond best to adjustments, spinal stabilization, an anti-inflammatory diet, soft tissue, end range loading, or traction?  The percentage of low back pain patients who improve with conservative care improves from 50%...

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Who Wants to Be an Associate?

Dec 31, 2019

At MPI, we are routinely asked whether we would recommend that a new doctor start a practice or work as an associate.  Conversely, we are routinely asked whether the established practitioner should bring in a new associate, and how that can work for both parties.  This article will address those questions. First from the perspective of the new DC and then from the owner DC’s perspective. 

For the new doctor, it is generally an easier transition to practice as an associate in a good, ethical office than to start up a new clinic.  It can prove difficult to go from school to the responsibilities and challenges of opening a new office. There are many variables, and it can be overwhelming.  The reduction in reimbursement with managed care has routinely cut into incomes and makes the owner DC less able to support associates.

A written employment contract is critically important.  There is an old lawyer’s saying that if it is not written down, it...

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